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Chimney Sweep and Inspection

More and more of the St. Louis municipalities are requiring that chimneys be swept before a home is sold or an apartment can receive a new tenant.

Do not let that be the reason you have your chimney swept and inspected. Have yours swept because you know how dangerous a flue fire can be.

When wood is burned in a fireplace or a wood stove, gases of incompletely burned wood are given off. As they move into the relatively cooler chimney, they start to condense on the side of the chimney, building up a black or brown crust. This crust is called creosote. Creosote is extremely flammable and can burn at temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees. Temperatures this high can cause structural damage to the chimney itself as the mortar between the bricks fails. Once it fails, with the mortar crumbling away, the wooden substructure of you house is exposed to those extreme temperatures.

If you use your chimney at all, it should be swept and inspected annually. Absolute Clean is certified in the sweeping and inspection of chimneys. Sweeping is listed before inspection because this is the order is which they are done. Only after sweeping can cracks or sections of missing mortar be seen.

Chimney Cleaning gives you Peace of Mind
Call Absolute Clean today and schedule an appointment to have your chimney cleaned and inspected. Enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind.

Emergency Water Removal

Emergency Water Removal

Does Your Home Smell?

Does your house smell?

Whether it is pet odors, mildew, mold, tobacco smoke or wood smoke from a faulty fireplace we have a solution to get your home back to smelling FRESH and CLEAN! Check out our OZONE page for more information about this ground breaking technology in odor removal.